Are you feeling trouble with pest in your car or vehicle? 

UltimatE Car Fumigation in Singapore

Car fumigation Kills and Controls insect buried in your vehicle, using water-based smoke generation technology to kill all insects in your car. We are leading Car Fumigation Specialist in Singapore. Best car fumigation services provider in Singapore. Best for car fumigation

  • Approved by NEA
  • It does not emit toxic 
  • It is activated by water
  • Not an aerosol product
  • No oily Residue
  • Eco & Child friendly


Have you ever see cockroach running around your dashboard?

You do not need to be panic; our car pest fumigation services help you and eliminate all pests from your car. 

Fumigation required beginning when you have cockroach inside the walls of your Car structure and it will eliminate all pests that have penetrated in your Vehicle.

Just because you cannot see it does not think it is not there.The threats of car accidents are genuine. This is troubling as drivers and passengers spend a moderate amount of time in their vehicles.

Disturbance To Drivers

The sudden appearance of insects or pests can disturb the driver leading the severe issue, especially when the driver is driving on the roads.

Fumigation is the best choice when you need a one-time eradication of targeted pests.

How Often Should Pest Fumigation Should Be Done?

We always recommend to do it once every 4 Months. By doing car fumigation regularly, pest like cockroach won’t be able to multiply as one cockroach eggs able to produce up to 30-50 nymphs. 

How Does Car Or Vehicles Get Infected With pests & Bugs?

Here are some reason why your car get infested with pest.


In hot and humid weather and in heavy rain, pests find dark and shadowy places inside of your cars.

Food Source

Food is another source for car pests’ invasion. If you eat snacks in the car, water spillage, parking near rubbish chute area, there is a possibility you are getting cockroaches and ants inside your vehicle. 

Car Fumigation

Frequently Asked Questions.

It depends what type of vehicle and pest issues.

  • Normal sedan it can take from 30 mins to 1 hour. 
  • MPV 1 hour to 1.5 hour. 
  • Van 1 hour to 1.5 hour. 

Yes. 100% safe, Effective & Child Friendly. Our product is NEA HACCP certified chemical which produces less odor and is safe to use. It’s a water-based solutions and not oil-based, so it’s easier to clean up after the treatment.